ANIME MONDAY: Persona 4 The Animation – “We’ve lost something important again” Review

Previously on Persona 4:

The Investigation Team succeeded in rescuing Kanji from being the next victim in the serial murder case in Inaba, but the case is far from over. Spoiler’s Ahead.

After rescuing Kanji (Troy Baker) from the T.V. world, Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch) & his friends take some well deserved time off when they attend the annual school trip. There they get in try to enjoy themselves, while also getting caught up in most awkward situations that high school kids find themselves in when they are in the middle of the woods. Including swimming, cooking, and…hiding from drunk teachers.

This is another episode that focuses on one the minor events in the video game. Not too much happens here in the way of plot development but there are plenty of humorous moments to keep you entertained as well as enough talk about the case to warrant it as a main plot episode.

The team meets Naoki Konishi, Saki Konishi’s little brother, in this episode and we get some insight into what the boy has to deal with in his life since his sister was killed. This plot point only serves to give Yu a new Arcana (Hanged Man) and to strengthen the groups resolve to solve the case as quickly as possible. The case work itself does develop in the form that those who showed up on the Midnight Channel were on the local news previously.

The Investigation Team continues to grow as a team and friends through their experiences on the trip. We learn more about them as well: Yukiko (Amanda Winn-Lee) & Chie (Erin Fitzgerald) can’t cook to save their lives, Yosuke (Yuri Lowenthal) is slightly perverted which is evident when he buys the girls swimming suits just so he could watch them swim, finally we also see that Yu & Yosuke are still slightly uncomfortable with the possibility of Kanji being gay when the three are forced to share a tent.

Nothing too much happens in this episode, but there is plenty of humor to make this episode worth a watch and we are introduced to a new character. The animation is a bit more crisp than in previous episodes and the case still continues to progress as the kids think of the killers motive. The investigation continues next week on Persona 4.