ANIME MONDAY: Persona 4 The Animation – “Catch Me If You Can” Review

Previously on Persona 4:

The Investigation Team was successful in saving Rise from the Midnight Channel, and also managed to save Teddie from his shadow as well; with their numbers strengthening, the kids head home to await further developments on the case. Spoilers Ahead.

With Rise (Laura Bailey) saved the team heads home for some well deserved rest. However the case is far from over as another body is found soon after the kids saved Rise. The victim: Kenshiro Morooka (Kirk Thornton) AKA King Moron, the kids homeroom teacher! Stumped as to why King Moron was killed, even though he never showed up on the TV, the kids also have their hands full with Naoto Shirogane (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn); the police department’s ace detective & Teddie (Sam Riegel) who has emerged from the TV World.

This episode starts the wrap up of the 1st half of the series as new characters, plot elements, and case developments begin to surface. Naoto returns to the plot this episode (he was previously seen when the kids were investigating Kanji) and is introduced as the hotshot detective hired by the Inaba police to solve the case. He gives the kids a hard time by asking them about how much they know of the case and insinuating that they see the whole thing as a game, which really rubes the team the wrong way. However he does come to the same conclusion as they do when he states that Morooka’s death is puzzling seeing as how he never appeared on TV.


Rise gets somethings to do this episode as she joins the Investigation team and interacts with them more, showcasing her bubbly and friendly personality; however she does show a serious side when she scolds Naoto for looking down on her friends. Teddie is the one with the most to do this episode as he exits the TV and finds the kids in the real world, but that’s not all; the blue bear also managed to somehow grow a HUMAN BODY inside himself, which further adds to the mystery of what Teddie is. Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch) gets some development but nothing major at this point.

Teddie’s Human Body

“Catch Me If You Can” is not an action orientated episode, but it does set up plot points for the next episode as well as ones further down the road. A couple characters are expanded on, and a few new mysteries are brought to the forefront which makes this episode an interesting watch even if the animation is lacking at times. The Investigation continues next week as the group looks to end the case once and for all.