Anime Monday: Magi: Lanyrinth of Magic – “Aladdin & Alibaba” Review

Throughout the world, there are structures known as “dungeons” these mystical towers hold untold riches and marvelous treasures. Inside these dungeons are also beings known as “Magi”, people who are abale to use extraordinary magical abilities. Alibaba is a young trader who hopes to one day conquer the nearby dungeon known as “Amon” in order to gain wealth & power. Spoilers ahead.

During a random stroke of fate, Alibaba meets a young boy named Aladdin eating the watermelons he had gathered for the ruler of his town. After following him back to his place, Alibaba tells Aladdin of dungeons, and about his dreams to one day conquer them and become the richest man in the world. After learning that the young Aladdin is in possession of a “Djinn”, he hatches a plan in order to take the young boy’s power in order to conquer “Amon”, but after a slave transport that the two embark on is attacked, Alibaba begins to question his motivations.

As far as introductory episodes go, this one does what it sets out to do. The world (which I’m assuming is our Earth is the settings and names are any indication) is vast and holds a lot of mystery within it. The dungeons are set up well and they make you want to know what treasures lie within them. The nod to Arabic story “Thousand And One Nights” that the anime is based off is handled well adding in a refreshing air of fantasy and adventure as well as the characters names.

Our two leads are introduced and they interact well with one another, despite their initial meeting not starting off on the right foot. Aladdin is a wide eyed young boy who loves big boobs (who doesn’t) but is also eager to explore the world around him. There is a small intro before the episode that shows how he came to control a Djinn (which he calls Ugo). Alibaba is your typical hard working guy with big dreams, but there is also an air of mystery to his character, such as why he initially didn’t believe in befriending people.

Alibaba (Left) & Aladdin (Right)

The animation for this show is gorgeous (which is expected from A-1 Pictures). The character designs are unique and the locations and settings are beautiful to look at. The series also has a splash of bright colors that attract the eye but don’t overwhelm the eyes. While the series doesn’t have an english dub, the Japanese seiyuu’s (Voice actors) do a good job of projecting the light-hearted moments as well as the dramatic ones of the show.

“Aladdin & Alibaba” is a pretty good introductory episode to the series. Setting up characters, the world around them, and some of the strange things they will encounter on their travels. Magi: “Labyrinth of Magic” is a unique series and it will be nice to see how they flesh out the story in succeeding episodes.