ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “The Sorcerer of Creation” Review

Previously on Magi:

Alibaba & Aladdin entered the dungeon known as Amon, but are caught by the despotic lord Jamil. After navigating the traps for him, Alibaba manages to fool him long enough for he & Aladdin to enter the innermost sanctum of Amon. Spoilers Ahead.

Alibaba & Aladdin enter the innermost chamber of Amon, but are once again stopped by Morgiana who takes out Aladdin while Jamil faces off against Alibaba. Alibaba manages to put up an impressive fight, besting Jamil with only a dagger. His victory however is short lived when Morgiana attacks him, Jamil instructs the girl to kill Alibaba, but before she can do the deed Aladdin regains consciousness. Using his powers to stop her.

The inner chamber of Amon is really a sight to behold as basically a whole city resides within it’s walls. We get more insight into dungeons as Aladdin tells Alibaba that the city is known as a “Necropolis” which means that everyone that lived in the city is dead. We get more explanation into what Magi are during the battle between Jamil and the boys; which serves to give more insight into Aladdin’s character.

Through his fight with Jamil we also learn more about Alibaba as well when Jamil comments that his swordplay is a result of “royal” teachings and not something one picks up by just playing around with a sword. Morgiana also gets some spotlight as she is still conflicted over whether she wants to be free. Jamil exposits about her people and why they are so strong (which makes me wonder how she came to be under his control). She is conflicted on whether to kill Alibaba and is shown to be a somewhat gentle girl at heart and doesn’t like to hurt others.

We also get a small peek into the mad tyrant Jamil’s past as he explains to Aladdin that the boy’s Magi abilities mean that he is destined to be made a king by the small boy. He is also shown to have been an un-repetant asshole when he was a kid as well as he mercilessly whipped & tortured slaves; even poking a sword on the inside of Morgiana’s mouth when she was only a little girl (talk about king of the year).

Another good episode, filled with some humor, dark character drama, action, and beautiful environments and animation. Magi continues to be a pretty good series so far and I am excited to see where the show goes from here. The adventure in the desert continues next week.