ANIME MONDAY: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic – “Solomon’s Wisdom” Review

Previously on Magi:

Alibaba announces his plan to restructure Balbadd to the people but the celebration is soon stopped by Cassim & his fog troop. Cassim starts a rebellion among the people and makes his way to the palace square. When he and his followers are defeated by Alibaba, Cassim stabs himself with his own weapon an transforms into a terrifying demon. Spoilers Ahead.

Alibaba & the others find themselves in a world of trouble as Cassim begins to rampage throughout the palace square. As he kills guard after guard in the square, Alibaba & Morgiana mobilize to stop him. However their efforts begin to prove fruitless when a revitalized Judar appears and takes control of Cassim. As Alibaba finds himself on his last legs against the pair, he soon gains help in the form of a revived Aladdin who begins to use his newfound powers.

A direct continuation of the last episode, we see the ramifications of Cassim’s newfound power. He has become a “dark djinn” and uses his new gravity magic to devastate the palace guards.


Alibaba, Morgiana, & Sinbad try to stop him but their efforts prove fruitless in the wake of his awesome power. Alibaba does get to utilize his sword more so that’s a good thing, but Morgiana & Sinbad don’t do a whole lot. Morgiana lands a couple of hits before being thrown all the way to the slums and Sinbad can do only do so much by himself without the aid of his own metal vessels.

Judar’s reappearance also spells dread foe our heroes as the abundance of black rukh floating around makes him stronger than ever. When he takes control of Cassim, things grow even more dire when he uses him to cause even more damage.

All hope is not lost however as Aladdin is also revived and saves Alibaba from the pair utilizing “Solomon’s Wisdom”. While extent of this ability is unknown it is known that Aladdin can now use heat magic, which he uses to momentarily take care of Cassim. Restoring Alibaba’s hope that they can still win.

Now with all of this going on, this episode somehow manages to be kind of boring. While the animation is fairly consistent and the action is ok, there is either no music or it’s too low to hear. Now while this can be used to add tension to a scene, it doesn’t really work to well in this scenario, the episode itself also moves pretty slow as you are just sitting around waiting on Aladdin to show up.

“Solomon’s Wisdom” is an alright episode, but altogether it can be quite boring. The lack of music doesn’t really add to the drama and causes the episode to drag in places. The animation is fairly consistent however, and the action scenes are done well enough. The adventure continues next week as Alibaba tries to save Cassim.