Anime Monday: Fairy Tail – “The Wizard in Armor” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Natsu, Lucy, & Happy complete their job of taking “Daybreak” from the ruthless Duke Everlue, with some minor collateral damage (If causing Everlue’s whole mansion to come crumbling down is minor). They meet up with Gray on their way back and are attacked by a group of wizards. After they are dispatched the group gets a feeling that something more sinister is in the works. Spoilers Ahead.

Natsu (Todd Haberkorn), Lucy (Cherami Leigh), Happy (Tia Ballard), & Gray (Newton Pittman) return to Fairy Tail, and everything is back to normal. Everyone is having a good time, talking, drinking and carrying on, but that all comes to an end when Loke (Eric Vale) brings the guild frightening news; Erza Scarlet, the strongest woman in all of Fairy Tail, (Colleen Clinkenbeard) has returned to Magnolia. Upon her return she recruits Natsu & the others on mission with her to stop the dark guild known as Eisenwald from using the forbidden spell known as “Lullaby”.

Eisenwald: Erigor (middle), Kageyama (Left)

This episode serves as both an introduction to Erza and an expansion on the plot thread introduced in the last episode. Erza (aside from being my favorite character in the whole series) is a no nonsense, strong willed warrior. This is signified by her walking into the guild (like a badass) carrying a giant monsters tooth, and her then proceeding to tear various guild members a new for various reasons. Virtually everyone in Fairy Tail is afraid of her (with the exception of Mira). Shes not all hard ass though, she has a soft side; like knocking out Natsu on the train so he doesn’t get motion sickness.

We get a small look into the type of magic Gray uses. He has the ability to use ice magic (which might explain his rivalry with Natsu). There is more world expansion, such as the Guild Masters summit, where the guild masters from around the kingdom meet to discuss events and such and report to the council, what dark guilds are, and we also get to see how “Team Natsu” interacts with one another and how their teamwork well develop later in the series. Finally there is a small introduction into the main antagonists of the arc, Eisenwald, and their leader Erigor AKA “The Grim Reaper” and what Lullaby is, a magical flute that kills any one who hears its song.

Another good episode that mixes new character introductions with new plot developments. Not too much action but enough entertainment to keep you coming back for more, which is what the show specializes in. Things are starting to get hairy for the wizards as it’s a race to stop Eisenwald from unleashing the flutes power on the people of Magnolia.

Just so you guys know how BA Ms. Scarlet is: