ANIME MONDAY: Fairy Tail – “Moon Drip” Review

Previously on Fairy Tail:

Natsu, Lucy, & Happy make their way to Galuna Island to take part in their 1st S Class quest. Gray follows them intenidng to bring them back home but is soon roped into helping. As they traverse the Island, demon’s from Gray’s past begin to reveal themselves. Spoilers Ahead!

Gray hates spoilers

After falling through a hole in a temple on Galuna Island, Natsu (Todd Haberkorn) & his team happen upon a demon named Deliora trapped inside an ice prison. Gray (Newton Pittman) knows of the monster and proceeds to tell his friends about it. Soon after they come across a group of wizards working for someone known as the “Cold Emperor” his plan is to revive the beast for his own purposes. Natsu & his team confront the Cold Emperor, where his identity is revealed to be, Lyon Vastia (Jerry Jewell) an old rival of Gray’s & Ur’s other student, but that’s not all they have to worry about; Erza is on her way to Galuna Island!

Lyon Vastia AKA the Cold Emperor

This episode also give a deeper look into Gray’s past.We also get to see another one of Lucy’s celestial spirits in the form of the songstress Lyra (Kristin Sutton, who has a lovely singing voice by the way). She has no powers, but she does sing a lovely song that causes Gray to have flashbacks of his master Ur (Kira Vincent-Davis) and get a peek into what his training was like with her (which was pretty harrowing as they trained in snow covered mountains). More importantly we get our introduction to the Cold Emperor AKA Lyon. Lyon is shown as cold, clam, & calculating and a bit of an a-hole as he orders his subordinates to kill the villagers; he himself also utilizes Ice Make Magic (duh), but conjures creatures move freely (Active Ice Make Magic) instead of objects (Static Ice Make Magic) like Gray, he also uses one hand as opposed to Gray’s 2 handed style he is pretty adept at it’s use as he easily dispatches of Natsu and man handles Gray.

The dynamic between the two is very tense and it is shown that Lyon has an extreme dislike, possibly hatred, towards Gray; this is mostly due to the fact that he blames Gray for Ur’s death, as Lyon’s dream was to one day surpass her. This is where the “Moon Drip” comes in. Ur used an ancient Ice Spell called “Iced Shell” to seal away Deliora. A magic so strong that not even the strongest fire spells could melt it. Using the power of Galuna’s purple moon, Lyon seeks to use the Moon Drip spell (which is concentrated moonlight) to melt the shell and free Deliora; he then aims to defeat it once and for all, surmising that if he can defeat what Ur couldn’t, he will surpass her (suffice to say Gray doesn’t like this idea). Erza is also shown briefly as she makes her way to island by commandeering a pirate ship…with the pirates still on it.


“Moon Drip” is an episode of more revelations and pathos for Gray as he now has to go face to face with a former friend. Some more characters are introduced and the danger still looms over our spunky wizards. The adventure continues week as Team Natsu moves to stop Lyon from reviving Deliora.