Anime Monday: Fairy Tail – “Dear Kaby” Review

Previously in Fairy Tail:

Natsu, Lucy, & Happy go on their 1st mission together as a team. Their task? To retrieve a book named “Daybreak” from a man called Duke Everlue, suffice to say that things went south pretty quick for the young wizards and cat. Spoilers Ahead.

Natsu (Todd Haberkron), Lucy (Cherami Leigh), & Happy (Tia Ballard) continue on their job to take “Daybreak” from the villainous Duke Everlue (Chris Ayers). They succeed in their mission and return the book instead of burning it (which in the grand scheme of things was a bad idea, since they earned no money). The 3 return home content (except for Lucy) but they soon realize that a sinister plot is beginning to make its way across Magnolia.

This episode finishes the “Duke Everlue” arc. While the ending of the mission was nothing too special, the character development and the plot points set up for the next arc are the important elements here. Natsu & Lucy continue to grow as a team, and once again shows the different aspects of their characters. Natsu shows his honorable side, by not accepting the money they were offered since they didn’t actually complete their job (much to Lucy’s chagrin).

Yes, that is a giant chicken about to attack Lucy. This anime is so awesome.

The secret of the book was a nice ending moment, it was heartfelt to see the author “Zekua Melon” (who was both an author & a wizard, who knew) leave a message for his son Kaby (who originally set the post for the job) after he passed away. Even though the “why” as to how the enchantment was broken when Kaby read it and how Lucy figured it out was a little iffy, it was still a heart warming moment.

We see another one of Lucy’s Celetial spirits, the crab stylist, Cancer (Will Short). Gray (Newton Pittman) also makes an appearnce at the end of the episode as Natsu & the other save Happy from some wizards trying to eat him; this also leads into the next arc as the assailants are dispatched by an unknown enemy.

Fairy Tail continues to be a slow, yet fun ride. Fun characters and adventures continue to be a constant here. The characters continue to develop in good ways, and the different magical powers are nice to look at.

Next week, we get an introduction to the “STRONGEST WOMAN IN FAIRY TAIL”, and one of my favorite anime characters EVAR.