ANIME MONDAY: Persona 4: The Animation – “The Contractor’s Key”

Previously in Persona 4: Yu Narukami was just a normal city kid who was sent to the town of Inaba because of his parents overseas assignment. Upon hearing the local rumor of the Midnight Channel, he and his friends Yosuke Hanamura & Chie Satonaka find out that they can enter into the TV world; but as expected, it is not the friendliest of places.

Spoilers Ahead

Inside a limosuine there is a mysterious place called the Velvet Room. A mysterious long-nosed man named Igor (Dan Woren) & his assistant, blonde haired woman named Margaret (Michelle Ann Dunphy) give their “guest” a key; the key ensuring that he will be able to return to the room. Margaret then explains that their guests persona is that of the Wild Card, providing infinite possibilities; before they both fade away.

After defeating the shadows Yu (Johnny Yong Bosch), Chie (Erin Fitzgerald), & Yosuke (Yuri Lowenthal) are “helped” (more like pushed) out of the TV world with the help of Teddie (Sam Riegel) and end up back in Junes. The kids recognize a poster on the wall as one of the slashed through ones in the TV world. The poster is actually of famous Enka singer, Misuzu Hiragi; whose husband had an affair with the recently deceased Mayumi Yamano (PLOT POINT). The next day another body is found hanging upside down from a TV antennae. At school that same day, an assembly is called and the principal reveals that the body found was none other that Saki Konishi (Jessica Straus). This devestates Yosuke (as we was trying to text her all morning) and he goes outside; Chie & Yu following after him. He makes a claim that people on the Midnight Channel end up dead (seeing as how he saw Saki & someone else saw Ms. Yamano on there previously) and that the TV world is connected to it. Yu & Chie assume the same as well & all three return to Junes to investigate.

Yu & Yosuke enter the TV, leaving Chie behind and encounter Teddie again. After Teddie accuses them of throwing people in the TV Yosuke jumps on him, revealing that the bear is hollow inside. After getting his head on straight (see what I did there?), Yu & Yosuke agree to help Teddie find out who is throwing people in the TV and the three go to explore. Teddie leads them to the last place he saw Saki, which happens to look like a twisted version of Inaba’s shopping district. Upon hearing voices coming from Konishi (Saki’s family owned business) Yosuke rushes in to find her. Inside the store, Yosuke begins to hear Saki’s voice; she talks to herself, saying that she always thought Yosuke was annoying and that she was only nice to him since his father is manager at Junes (what a bee-yotch), she then claims that she doesn’t care about Junes, her shop, or Inaba at all and wishes they would all go away. Suddenly from the shadows a figure appears…and it looks exactly like Yosuke.

It claims to be a manifestation of Yosuke’s boredom of living in the country (he, like Yu, also transferred from the city) and said that he never cared for Saki at all, and that he was only there for the thrills. Yosuke denies this causing the figure to become a shadow. Yu, battles the shadow and gets Yosuke accept his shadow’s claims, allowing Yu to defeat and Yosuke gaining his own persona, Jiraiya.


After that, the two leave the TV world & resolve to find the culprit behind the murders.

In the after credits stinger, Yu & Nanako (Karen Strassman) are watching the news and see Chie’s friend Yukiko Amagi (Amanda Winn-Lee) being interviewed by reporters, since this this the last place the late Ms. Yamano was before she died.

Later that night on the Midnight Channel, a girl with long black hair, wearing the same kimono Yukiko wore on the news is seen running through a street…

The show is progressing nicely, with more explanation given on how the TV World works and starting to begin a trend where the main characters have to essentially fight themselves. It will be interesting to see how the show explores this avenue as more characters are introduced in the story.