Godzilla’s journey into the nightmare continues! How does the third installment fare? Let’s take a look. Here’s the official description from IDW: What brought Godzilla to Hell? A glimpse of Godzilla’s greatest battle gives clues-but what will happen when Godzilla faces a rematch with that same foe in the underworld? ¬†GODZILLA IN HELL #3 is […]

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The first installment of Catalyst Comix was hard to enjoy for many reasons. The first of which being that in 22 pages readers are getting three different stories. It is incredibly hard to get a feel for the tone of any book with only a few pages each to tell some really insane stories. It […]

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GAMMA #1 Review

The rise and fall, up and down, back and forward cliche is a story that has been told so many different ways. When approaching the storytelling convention like this one, a big twist is needed. Luckily Gamma provides one. However the twist does not quite suck me in like I wanted it too. The main […]

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