THE FLASH Costume Ring – A Brief History

I can honestly say the the latest episode of The Flash was one of my favorites. The action, the alliances, the double crosses, and even the last minute smack down between the Reverse Flash and the heroes of the ‘Arrow-verse’ has many fans craving to see the season finale next Tuesday. One particular event in […]

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THE FLASH – Rules of The Rogues

The Rogues struck again in last night’s episode of The Flash. Not only did the Scarlet Speedster have to deal with a Groundhog’s Day experience when he accidentally time-traveled, but also had to fight The Rogues and their newest member, Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider. The most shocking part of the episode was [SPOILER ALERT!] […]

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Pied Piper Confirmed to Appear on THE FLASH!

CW’s The Flash is currently filming its eighth episode for the fall season, which is a two-part crossover event with fellow DC Comics series Arrow. With that news floating around, you’d think there would be no more new info on television’s new take on the Scarlet Speedster. Well, you’re wrong! According to TVLine, the Pied Piper […]

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