Eternals Movie: Is Galactus A Celestial?

Before we dive into this story, let me ask you… do you want a PS4?  Because I’m running a PS4 giveaway. Just subscribe to automatically enter for a chance to win.  Once we hit 10,000 subscribers, we’ll give two lucky winners PS4’s… because I want to be a famous youtuber, and giving away stuff is […]

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Green Goblin in Phase 4 Is A Horrible IDea

Listen folks, I love the Goblin as much as the next guy, but he’s by no means a Joker level villain. So let’s stop pretending he is. Now, before we jump into this let me remind you about our 10,000 subcriber give away. Subscribe, like this video, comment, and hit the notification bell and you’ll […]

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Kevin Feige Says DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Is On Its Way

Marvel Studios co-president Kevin Feige’s a massive fan of the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. He’s campaigned for a Strange movie since the first Iron Man flick, and even though he’s often stated “I love Doctor Strange, but we’re not working on it”, he’s finally yielded a bit of important info. “Doc Strange, as I’ve been […]

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