What Role Will DAREDEVIL’s Punisher Play in the MCU?

The new Netflix run of Marvel series has been giving us a more mature look at the superhero world, with Daredevil and Jessica Jones giving us much more violence than we’ve gotten from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., while Jessica Jones also ramped up the sexual innuendo. And while everyone is still getting over their jealousy of […]

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Fanboy Round-Up: MARVEL, DC and DOCTOR WHO All Get New Shows

Welcome back to Fanboy Round-Up, your weekly refresher of the big hits in news. This past week was dominated by the two superhero driving forces: Marvel and DC, with lots of major news hitting from both ends. Lemme put on a pot of coffee and we can get going with this thing. THOR: RAGNAROK Has […]

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The rationale behind Civil War in Marvel Comics was relatively simple – the Superhuman Registration Act was passed, which meant that heroes and villains either had to give up their secret identities and work with the government or become fugitives. Iron Man led the pro-registration side. Captain America led the anti-registration side. Simples. However, in […]

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