Arnold gets emotional in MAGGIE Trailer

If you didn’t think that the Austrian Oak could act then I have the first trailer from this upcoming flick to counter that perspective. Behold the struggle of humanity in the zombie apocalypse, where a father and a daughter face a terrifying situation and all the evil that comes from it. As a virulent zombie epidemic spreads […]

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Walking Dead #126 Review

The final chapter is ‘All Out War’ begins with a bang and changes the direction of not only Rick’s group but all the survivors engaged in this war with Negan’s ‘Saviors.’ While not as shocking as anticipated The Walking Dead #126 is still a satisfying conclusion. Official description from IMAGE: ‘ALL OUT WAR,’ Conclusion. This changes everything. […]

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Walking Dead #118 Review

Walking Dead #118 continues the “All Out War” story line and the deepest part is surprisingly told from a reflective yet despondent point of view. This isn’t a war without casualties and some heroes aren’t what you expect. Official Description from IMAGE: ALL OUT WAR CONTINUES! Maggie takes a stand as Rick’s new plan comes […]

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