Justice League #36 Review

Who will survive The Amazo Virus? Read on to find out. The official description from DC Comics: “THE AMAZO VIRUS” continues! A bizarre disease has been unleashed, America has been quarantined and the whole world is at a stand still – but no one on the League may be more affected by this than Batman! […]

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THE FLASH” Fastest Man Alive” Review

The Fastest man alive is testing his limits.  Can the story keep up the pace set by last weeks opener? Let’s find out!  Shall we? The official description from CW: “Barry (Grant Gustin) escorts Iris (Candice Patton) to a university gathering honoring scientist Simon Stagg (guest star William Sadler),” says the episode synopsis from The […]

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DC COMICS Bringing EARTH 2 Into A Multiverse War

DC has been slowly rebuilding its multiverse in the New 52. First, we were introduced to Earth 2, which is home to the re-imagined Golden Age heroes, and this past summer we learned that the villainous counterparts from Earth 3 were responsible for the Trinity War, and now they’ve invaded Earth Prime (or whatever the […]

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