It’s Woody v Buzz When TOY STORY Meets BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Ah, fan trailers. We’ve covered stuff from the folks at CineMash before (Batman v Superman v… Deadpool) and now they’re back with another fun crossover trailer, once again in the style of the aforementioned movie – just without Deadpool. I’ve never met a single person who dislikes Toy Story. It accomplishes everything it wants to […]

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DC Have Finally Leveled the Playing Field: SDCC Review

The future of the DC Cinematic Universe has been a hot topic amongst film and comic book fans. After the mixed response critics gave Man of Steel, some were concerned if Warner Bros. would continue to pursue a connected universe setting up a plethora of superheroes. Of course, that question was answered just a few […]

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When Will We See More DC Movies?

I think pretty much every fanboy on the planet agrees that DC is in a really bad place right now in terms of movies. And this new piece of news isn’t going to make anything better, unfortunately. The Los Angeles Times reveals that it will likely be three years before we see any new comic […]

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