Prequel series’, companion series’, and spin-off’s don’t usually fair well in the movie and TV world. Star Wars, one of the most beloved franchises in pop culture history had hit this snag, and even though they weren’t horrible films, the Prequel Trilogy is usually disregarded by most fans, especially the older ones. On the smaller […]

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New Characters are Hooking Up With THE WALKING DEAD

The sixth season of The Walking Dead kicks off this October and to get us all adequately hyped up, Entertainment Weekly have splashed out on some new awesome details about the season regarding three new characters. They’re all from Alexandria (obviously) and they’re all characters from the comics: Dr. Denise Cloyd (Merritt Weaver), Carter (Ethan […]

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SDCC: Zombies! Zombies! More Zombies! New Trailer for THE WALKING DEAD

The Walking Dead‘s Comic-Con panel is just wrapping up, and there they let loose a ton of news about the new season, including a brand-spankin’-new trailer and a premiere date! The show will be back on October 11th with a 90-minute premiere – yup, a whole extra 45 minutes of brain splattering and slicin-nd-dicin’ zombies. […]

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