Zelda on iPhone? The closest we are going to get….

God bless the iPhone for knock offs of console games. For years now Gameloft have been releasing handheld games that bear a striking resemblance to console games, they have essentially made iphone versions of Uncharted, Halo and Grand Theft Auto just to name a few. And as anyone who has bought these games will know, they don’t suck! In fact most of them are damn fun!

Well to quote the great Professor Farnsworth; “Good News Everyone”, developers Cornfox & Bros. are now also jumping on the iClone (I have totally trademarked that name) bandwagon with a game inspired by Zelda Wind Waker, called Oceanhorn.

The game features a familiar looking unnamed hero complete with sideburns, shield, sword and tunic, who, in order to save his sister, must track down and slay the ancient sea monster that terrorizes the World of Uncharted Seas.

With the perspective they are going for I really hope it combines both classic 2D and 3D Zelda elements as well as putting their own spin on things.

They have only unveiled one screenshot so far but by gosh is it a beauty! As a MASSIVE Zelda fan with an iPhone I think this is gonna be a day one purchase for me.