You Will Either Fall in Love With the “Real-Life Anime Girl,” or You Will Run From Her, Screaming in Horror

If you’ve ever wanted to see a photographic definition of the word Otaku, well, here it is. Buzzfeed has posted several images of a Ukrainian woman called Anastasiya Shpagina, who has taken the internet by storm as the “Real-Life Anime Girl.”

Charming? Or creepy?

Buzzfeed got the story of Ms. Shpagina, from Spooky over at Oddity Central, who notes,

Every day, Anastasiya gets up at five in the morning, in order to be at work by nine. That’s because she needs a lot of time to get into character. It takes her 30 minutes to do the makeup on one of her eyes, and the entire face is ready in about two hours. That’s probably why she would like to have surgery in order to change the shape of her eyes permanently. She says this kind of surgical procedure is very common in Japan, but she doesn’t know if it’s also available in the Ukraine. She would like to get her waist reduced surgically as well, in order to look more like an anime character. But for now, she has to make do with makeup in order to look as realistic as possible.

You should read that article in its entirety; it’s full of wonderfully droll lines like, “she admitted a lot of people are freaked out by her look swhen they see her on the streets of Odessa.” I’ve been staring at the images for about three hours now, and I still can’t decide if I find them hypnotic or merely compelling. Either way, I feel as though I should have coffee with Ms. Shpagina. Perhaps she’ll call me. But, only after she gets the surgeries to change the shape of her eyes. I mean, I don’t want to risk ever seeing her with normal-sized eyes. It would totally destroy any potential relationship, you know?