Will Judith Hoag teach Michelangelo some manners?

The next TMNT film is currently shooting and thus far we’ve seen Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, discovered Tyler Perry will be playing Baxter Stockman and that Gary Anthony Williams will be voicing Bebop.  However the far coolest news has been that Judith Hoag will be returning to the franchise.  I only wish she represented a change the series desperately needs.  A strong female character.  We now have photos of Hoag on set, I just wish it was of her smacking Michelangelo when he says something sexually objectifying  April.  She could tell him, “It is never ok to stand over an unconscious woman and talk about, ‘you shell tightening.”  Or maybe smack Vern Fenwick while he’s staring at April’s ass during an action sequence.

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' film set

And with this new image of April in the film now available she can smack April as well.  Maybe this could be sexy, if it wan’t so damn cliched.  It’s just sad.

not my april

Remember when Casey Jones in the 1990 flick called April ‘toots.’  She did not stand for it and told him off, an appropriate response.  She demanded respect rather than jumping up and down on a trampoline and calling it news.  Yeah April in the 2014 version said she wanted respect as a journalist, but she tries to have a story about giant ninja turtles published with no evidence.  None.

judith hoag and casey

For Mad Max Fury Road George Miller brought on Eve Ensler of the Vagina Monologues on to consult.  And you know what critical reception of that film is pretty damn good.  You can have a female character in an action vehicle without simply objectifying her.  Hell she can even be sexy.  I’d like a better turtles flick in 2016 than I received in 2014.  And while Megan Fox’s April was far from the only problem, to stop constantly sexulizing April would be a good place to start.



M.R. Gott is the author of the nerdy horror novella Rising Dead.  Some of his work also contains sexual content, you can check it out here.