What Do You Think of MALEKITH ‘s New Look From THOR : THE DARK WORLD?

The other day we brought you some brand new set pics and video of a mysterious Earth bound battle (or so it seemed) from THOR : THE DARK WORLD and today we’ve got something a bit better: a first look at the film’s Dark Elf protagonist, Malekith.

Besides the cringe worthy head gear and the Sci-Fi channel quality of prosthetics, this doesn’t look so bad. Obviously (or rather, hopefully) a heavy spoonful of CGI will be plastered on these baddies in post production, making Chris Eccleston and his horde of god bashing misfits a proper menace. Director Alan Taylor has already steered this movie in a non-cheesy direction by dropping the classic, sexually ambiguous garb from the comics, which I consider an early win for fanboys.

Seriously.  Look at this hot mess.  Imagine that in a Marvel movie.  NO THANK YOU!

By the way, what’s up with those guns? The last time around, Thor and his comrades only wielded pointy spears and ice thingies, keeping to the the whole “fantasy” trope. Are you ready for a heavier helping of Sci-Fi? Or, are you all like…