We’re Serious This Time, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Cancelled

A few weeks ago reported that EMH, otherwise known as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, would be cancelled in favor of Marvel’s newer, and much shinier superhero cartoon, Avengers Assemble. We soon discovered that was nothing but a rumor, conceived by a particularly butthurt fanboy (heart broken about the fairly recent cancellation of Spectacular Spider-Man) so we thought EMH would live to see another day.

Well, it seems like that report was an ill omen, because Marvel’s officially given EMH the boot. But don’t worry, Jeph Loeb, the leader of this whole animation-verse, has assured us that Avenger’s Assemble will be a sequel of sorts.

IGN tells the tale…

He likened the debut of the upcoming animated series, Avengers Assemble, to a new creative team coming on a comic book and doing a big changeover, such as Bendis’ New Avengers, adding, “We are not in any way saying Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes didn’t happen. You will see an epic conclusion.” I’d say the one notable thing there is that New Avengers was clearly in continuity with previous Avengers comics, but it’s not clear as yet if Avengers Assemble will be at all connected storywise to the events of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as far as the backstory is concerned.

And here’s a quick description of some exclusive footage…

We saw a giant, dragon type creature – who may have been a redesigned Fin Fang Foom – smashing through New York, when a Quinjet flies up. Iron Man, sitting in the Quinjet, says, “It’s go time,” and we see the bay doors open, with Thor standing there. As he declares that he’s “Finally free of this tin box to unleash the full might of Asgard!”, he’s shoved aside by Hulk, who leaps out in front of him – but Thor hurtles after, knocking Hulk aside mid-air with his hammer to get to the creature first. It didn’t play as slapstick, but rather rough (but amusing) one-upmanship between the two heavy hitters.

Captain America and Hawkeye arrive on flying bikes, like those Hawkeye used back in the West Coast Avengers days. When the dragon destroys the bikes, they manage to deftly save themselves, acrobatically landing on a rooftop. All five of the members gather and run to the creature and the scene is over.

While fanboys around the globe are sure to be a little scruffed at this news, I think we can all safely admit that Avengers Assemble doesn’t sound so bad. Whatcha think?