Want To Watch ARROW Season 2 On Netflix? You’ll Have To Wait Another Month

Arrow has been on the air since October 2012, but it really took this up a notch with season 2, which ended back in May. Even if you’re weren’t watching the show at the time, chances are you ran into plenty of articles praising the new season and its creative direction. If you’re a Twitter user, it’s nearly guaranteed you saw #Arrow trending each Wednesday evening. Well, with season 3 debuting in less than a month, many were looking forward to using that time to binge-watch all of season 2 on the popular streaming site Netflix. Unfortunately, their luck ran out on that front.


Although season 2 was anticipated ready to stream on Netflix on Sunday, September 14, Warner Bros. TV announced Monday that season 2 wouldn’t be available on the site until October 8…the day of the season 3 premiere! Which means that unless you have the ability to stop time, there’s no chance you’ll be able to catch up by the time the episode “The Calm” airs…and if you have time-stopping powers, you really should be using them for something more important like saving lives or…cleaning up your room.

Not to worry, though. There’s still another way for you to get your Arrow season 2 fill: discs! I know, they’re such an antiquated concept. Yes, the DVD and Blu-Ray of season 2 were released today, and according to Variety, this is the reason for the delayed streaming date. By packing the disc sets with all sorts of special features, the CW that “will entice fans and series newcomers to open their wallets.”


Despite being a millennial, I’m still old-school when it comes to certain types of media, so I don’t mind discs. That being said, a lot of people depend on Netflix to catch up on shows. Sure, the typical release schedule for seasons on Netflix is either shortly before or shortly after a new season begins, but with Arrow‘s surge in popularity this past year, Warner Bros should have taken advantage of the coming weeks before Arrow season 3. I understand they’re trying to boost sales, but not everyone can afford the box set, and in the long run, getting as many new viewers in as possible will benefit them more in the long run. After all, established viewers are much more likely to buy the product later on. That’s what I did with Seinfeld, 24 and Battlestar Galactica, and it was totally worth it.

SOURCES: IGN and Variety