THE WALKING DEAD “The Distance” Review

Will the addition of Aaron finally prove to be what this show needs? Read on to find out.

The official description from AMC:

Lasting through a spectacular storm, Rick and the group meet a seemingly friendly person. Can they be trusted or are they just manipulating Rick?

AMC‘s The Walking Dead has been driving on my last nerve as of late, as though my investment in this show has never wayward, my loyalty hasn’t been rewarded. With the majority of this fifth season disappointing, it is becoming harder and harder to focus on the positives, so much so that the phenomenal season premiere is starting to become an after thought (which is a real shame). That does look to be changing though, as with the emergence of new character, Aaron, things seem to be getting interesting.


The insertion of Aaron has certainly stirred some doubt within the group’s unity, as with Rick being unwilling to trust this stranger, and Michonne and a few others looking for hope in this man’s story, there are certainly some signs of disagreement. This development also leaves some mysterious elements for the shows future, with the tension complimenting that. Fans of the comic may however feel differently, as much like Terminus, added knowledge can lead to an alternative reaction. Nevertheless, these developments have proven crucial to the shows future, as between the showrunners vision for the season’s future, and Seth Hoffman‘s script, there is a lot for the creative team to be proud of.


The cast really show their worth in this episode, as though the addition of Ross Marquand (Aaron) could have caused a shift in chemistry, the cast adapt brilliantly. Marquand himself also proves to be a fantastic addition to this series, as much like most actors who join this show, he adds yet another unique element, with his style complimenting that. Though Marquand’s entrance into the cast proves to be the most noticeable factor within the acting performances, the established cast also shine. Most noticeably Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Danai Gurira (Michonne), with the different mindsets of each character working brilliantly off the other, thus creating great balance.

“The Distance” is easily one of the best episodes The Walking Dead has produced as of late, as though it still doesn’t match the impressive initial performance of this season, it’s certainly surpassed the mediocre slump that the show has fallen into. The choice to once again follow the comic also proves wise, and I can only hope that the showrunners take note of this going forward.

  • + Aaron adds great tension within the group.
  • + Rick and Michonne balance each other beautifully.
  • + Ross Marquand makes a wonderful addition to this already stellar cast.
  • - A little predictable for comic fans.