Is this second volume of Uncanny enough to see fans return? Or will it fail to live up to prior praise? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Weaver is a man on the run. Gifted with the uncanny ability to steal knowledge and skills from other people, he found himself used as bait in a high stakes game of cat and mouse. Now it’s time for Weaver to turn the tables on the shadowy organization known as Cadre, as he begins his quest to find the source of his own powers.

Uncanny201CovCSubCampbellI have to admit, I never read the first volume of Uncanny when it came out, and though I’ve been meaning to read it since, I have yet to do so. That hasn’t stopped me from showing interest in this second season, with the concept, and creative team behind it having my undivided attention. Taking us into the life of Bobby Lowe, this opening issue shows us how an unique skill set can change someone’s life forever, with his ability to take on the attributes of others being “uncanny.”

Andy Diggle has been a creator whose work I’ve followed for a number of years, as though I’ve not picked up every series he’s written, the majority that I have are amazing. That is the same with Uncanny Season 2, as though there’s a lot still to explore within this strange world, it manages to give enough intrigue to captivate. It also is a brilliant place for new readers to join, as having no prior experience of the series, I found it easy to immerse myself into this world. In addition to this, Diggle also creates an enigmatic character in Bobby, with his ability to borrow talents, allowing him to be extremely mysterious.

Though Diggle’s script is enough to entice this reader, it’s the artwork of Aaron Campbell that impressed most, with the detailed pencils, and textured inks mesmerizing throughout. He also manages to give a smooth, dramatic series of layouts, with the depth of field within each panel allowing for a somewhat cinematic vibe. Campbell also handles the characters with great care, as there isn’t one moment where the enigmatic lead doesn’t shine emotionally. Diggle’s Losers collaborator, Jock, also as ever creates a beautiful cover, with the simplistic layout and symbolistic image being very alluring.

Uncanny Season 2 gets off to an impressive start, as though there’s still a lot to explore, and learn about lead character Bobby Lowe, the events within this opening issue should do enough to have readers returning for more. It also proves a brilliant jumping on point for new readers, with it being easy to dive into.

  • + Fabulous jumping on point.
  • + Enigmatic lead character.
  • + Interesting story.
  • - Still a lot to explore.

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