Twin Peaks Season Three Is Happening

I always wanted closure on Twin Peaks.  While its popularity obviously plummeted, and thus was cancelled after Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed.  To me the story was just getting started.  Special Agent Dale Cooper is one of my favorite characters of all time, period, and where they left him figuratively killed me.  (SPOILERS AHEAD)  Bob was one the best used villains period, and to leave Cooper with Bob in the dream state was too much for me.  For years I have hoped for a season three in comic form.  Mark Frost and David Lynch knew what they were doing and while there were many unresolved cliffhangers in the final season, such as whether Audrey Horne lives or dies.  I never minded these other cliffhangers being left mysteries.  The reason is simple.  Audrey either lives or dies.  The other elements left up in the air really only had two options possible.  What happens to Dale Cooper, the essence of everything he is in danger.  While Fire Walk with me was a cool movie, despite Lara Flyn Boyle being replaced by Moira Kelly it felt like a rip off, as the key question I had remained totally unanswered.  If Lynch had explained Bob in the prequel better giving an answer to Cooper’s dilemma I would have forgiven the making a prequel when a sequel was warranted.

Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks is returning to Showtime for nine episodes in 2016, and I just can’t get too excited.  I would honestly still prefer a comic version of season three.  Too much time has passed since the series ended, rarely does a sequel this late in the game live up to to the buildup.  In my mind the only way to have this work is too acknowledge the passing of the quarter century since the end of season two.  The story could involve another agent investigating the Disappearance of Special Agent Dale Cooper, or maybe he comes out of a coma and an agent is sent to town. to debrief him.  This would account for the cast being older, except for two major characters.  Frank Silva who played Bob died in 1995, and even if the actor was still alive, Bob is the essence of evil and probably wouldn’t age.  Also Sheryl Lee is 25 years older, and while she still looks amazing, Laura Palmer’s spirit shouldn’t age.

Twin Peaks Final Episode 2

I want to be excited for this project, I really do.  I’ve watched the series through three or four times since discovering it a decade ago.(I was in second grade when it aired)  I’m also a fan of David Lynch, yet feel the as years went on he abandoned any pretense of script cohesion in favor of creating moody evocative images.  And that’s fine, I know what’s he’s selling.  Ending a story is hard, as well as important, and I don’t trust Frost and Lynch to not leave episode nine of season three with another cliffhanger.  That being said, I will watch all nine episodes regardless of their quality, I just want to be sure my expectations are in check.