Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #12 Review

Another Golden Key series comes to an end! But what does this mean for the Universe as a whole? Read on to find out. The official description from Dynamite:

FINAL ISSUE! The sheriff of Nottingham is ready for war. And he’s got archers, crusaders, dogs of war, and many, MANY dinosaurs on his side. Can Turok and his merry men survive against impossible odds, and save their brave new world? Is this the end, or a frightful new beginning? Hints in the final pages as Turok “fades to black”.

Turok12CovBSubLeeIt seems that Dynamite‘s Golden Key Universe is coming to an end, as with all their series having FINAL ISSUE! solicitations, with no sign of any new series replacing them, it looks as if these beloved characters will be missing from our stands once again. Turok becomes the second in this domino fall, as following the conclusion of the Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult mini-series, the Dinosaur Hunter becomes the next on the chopping block.

Having given some fun, exciting moments over the series twelve issue run, Greg Pak has definitely done the character justice, as though not every issue has thrilled (with some disappointing), it has generally been entertaining. This has remained true since the addition of Paul Tobin to the writing team, as though the latest arc has probably been the weakest, it has still done enough to keep fans returning. As conclusions go, Turok leaves me in a bit of a conundrum, as though there was plenty of action, with humorous developments, it felt a little too rushed. The ending itself also felt rather ambiguous, and ill fitting the character.

On top of delivering astounding tales, one thing that has made Dynamite‘s Golden Key line a success has been the fantastic artists that have worked on the various series’. Turok is no different, and though I do have preferences over certain artist, the work that Felipe Cunha and Ruairi Coleman have produced over the last few issues has certainly impressed. Giving exciting layouts, with fast paced action, the duo manage to give a enthralling flair to this final issue. They also manage to add great depth through the facial expressions, and along with the vibrant colours of Luigi Anderson, it gives a radiant look to this tale.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comes to an end, and though this isn’t quite the ending I was hoping for, it was far from dull. In saying that, this is really a comic for long term fans, as if you’ve not been following the series before now, there’s not much point in trying it now.

  • + Exciting developments.
  • + Energetic pace throughout.
  • - Sudden twits.
  • - Ends rather abruptly.

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