Transformers: Prime Season 3 Premiere Date False!

Well, Transformers fans. I have some bad news. Earlier, it was reported that the third season of Transformers: Prime, which is sub-titled “Beast Hunters“, would premiere February 15 on The Hub. Well, it turns out that the episode in question, “Lost and Found“, is actually a re-run of Transformers: Animated.

Zap2it had this to say:

Some kind of mistake has been made in which the Zap2It Transformers Prime episode guide has attributed an old episode of Transformers Animated (“Lost and Found”) airing on 2/15 as being a new episode of Transformers Prime.  It is incorrect.   This is being revised.

That is pretty disappointing, but Transformers: Animated is a pretty good show, and Beast Hunters is still scheduled for 2013, so the wait won’t be too long, I imagine. The Hub currently airs re-runs of Transformers G1 and Transformers: Animated, so untill Prime returns, you can check out those.

Source: Seibertron