TRANSFORMERS GO! Anime in the Works!

Japanese Transformers fans have been excited about an upcoming toy-line from Takara Tomy called Transformers Go! The figures look to be totally different than any up to now. And, as Takara is like to do, they’ve announced that the Transformers Go! line is spawning an anime series. Details are scarce, but more info will be revealed in the July issue of TV Magazine (which is also where most Transformers manga are serialized).

The Transformers Go! line will begin in Japan this month. So far, there is no word whether or not this toy-line will become available in North America, but I think there is a good chance. Same for the anime, but since every single Transformers anime minus the Beast Wars sequels have made it to our shores, I give it a high chance!

Interestingly, most of the Transformers Go! figures are characters who are appearing in the currently airing Transformers Prime animated series. The confirmed figures include “G11 Hunter Optimus Prime”, “G13 Hunter Shockwave”, “G14 Hunter Bumblebee”, “G15 Hunter Bulkhead”, and “G12 Dragotron” (Predaking’s Japanese name). The show will also feature new characters.

The first two seasons of Transformers Prime has aired in Japan, so I suppose that Transformers Go! will be used untill season 3 is ready to air. Whether or not Transformers Go! takes place in Prime continuity will have to be seen, but I would not be too surprised; after all, it happened with Transformers G1 and Beast Wars!

So….think you’ll check this out?

Source: ANN