Who Will Be The Top Tier of SUPER SMASH BROS Wii U?

Every Super Smash Bros character tier list has differed significantly. For example Jigglypuff was a bottom tiered character in the first Super Smash Bros (only above 4 other characters), in Melee the Puff was top 5, then in Brawl it fell all the way to 36. Only Pikachu has stayed in the top 10 for all three games, and there were only 12 characters in the first. People have been shocked at the inclusion of some characters only to find them as some of the best in the game, while some fan-favorites have gone from one game to the next with significant differences making them worse or better (look what happened to Kirby!). Here are a couple thoughts on who some of the best characters will be with this game.

Pokemon Trainer

People were so excited when the Pokemon trainer was introduced into Brawl, but in competitive play he fell on his face. His current position on the rankings is 29th. An easy fix for him would be to make it so you don’t have to switch Pokemon upon death, but I hope they don’t take that out. If they give some extra weight to Squirtle and some better moves on Ivysaur and the Trainer could be a beast. If Sheik could get around not having a down B attack, so can he.

Mega Man

Look at the move set he could get. Very good distance moves, some really good close range attacks, along with access to ice, electric, and fire weapons. He will be very fast with good jumping. He may be the equivalent to Samus’ power and moveset, but with Zero-Suit Samus’ weight and jumping ability. I’m very excited for Mega Man. (The same could be said for Spyro, if he makes it into the game.)

Meta Knight

He is just so much better than all the other characters in Brawl. By himself he changed the competitive landscape creating a new tier for himself, and having the rest of the tiers decided by who was best at taking him on. If they change nothing he still could be by far the best character. If they upgrade Pit, Wolf, or Captain Falcon (Dat Falcon Punch) then maybe Meta Knight will be taken down a bit, but only a bit.