THE TICK Returns With Ben Edlund And Patrick Warburton

Will Patrick Warburton triumphantly return as The Tick in a new series?  Amazon streaming is betting on it.  The wrap is reporting that Warburton and writer creator Ben Edlund will be working on a pilot episode for Amazon based upon the 2001 Fox series that lasted only nine episodes.

I was a fan of the live action series, despite its clear glaring and many faults.  If you doubt me I have owned the complete series on DVD since its release.  The Tick live action series and cartoon from the 90’s were both ahead of their time, and yet very flawed representations of the comic book property.


Budgetary and Practical limitations were key reasons for the shortcomings of the original live action series.  The writing while good, was not strong enough to make up for the fact it was a series that predominantly featured exciting characters sitting around talking.

The Fox kids series, was limited by being a Fox kids series.  While some of the humor was aimed at a higher level of sophistication, the show felt handicapped by needing to appeal to the youthful core audience.  The series had some novel ideas that never felt fully developed and challenged its younger audience to rise to a higher level.


If a Tick resurrection is imminent, which I am excited for regardless, the best answer seems to lie in-between these two series.  A cartoon aimed at an older audience.  This would free Edlund and his team of writers to write freely without as many concerns with the budget.  Sharp dialogue could still be used, and since the cast of characters are generally masked the subtle facial tics of a live actor would be obscured anyway.  A cartoon is also the only way we’ll get characters such as Chairface Chippendale and Dinosaur Neil realized correctly.