They See Me Rollin… Wait, They Actually Don’t

The future is finally here folks, and it’s just rolled over my life long dream of being a ritzy Hollywood chauffeur (in a pearl white Escalade limo, of course). It turns out that Google has spent the past 3 months secretly testing its new driverless whip (that’s a car, for the dummies out there). Yep… that means DUI’s will soon be a hassle of the past. Unless you’re that one idiot who stumbles out of the bar at two in the morning, and against everyone’s warnings, insist on driving your rusted red pickup truck back to your shockingly luxurious abode. In that case, no amount of awesome tech can save you!

While the awesome auto-driving car has no set release date on the horizon, rumors suggest that the system will be commercially available as early as 2017. Stay tuned to UTF for more on the story!

SOURCE: SlashGear