The World’s First Real Life ‘X-Man’?

Okay so there was already that “Magneto” kid who could stick metal objects to his body but finally the prophecies of Stan “The Man” Lee may have come true, as a boy in China has a useful “superpower”. It is alleged that Nong Youhui (first rule of being a superhero: don’t reveal your real name stupid!) who has “bright blue eyes just like westerners” can see in the dark! Okay it isn’t on the same level as firing an optic blast from your eyes ala X-Men’s Cyclops but hey he can join my superteam! Nong Youhui, who’s eyes reflect light like a cat, proved his prowess by taking a series of tests in near darkness, which had onlookers and reporters alike convinced, check out the video below:

So what do you think, the real deal or a load of hong kong phoey? I’m choosing to believe myself (someone has to)