THE FLASH Impresses CW Bigwigs Enough To Earn Three More Scripts

It may only be 15 days until the premiere of The Flash, but its network is already racing ahead with the show’s future. See what I did there? Racing…’ahem,’ anyway. As one of the best reviewed pilots of the 2014-2015 TV season, The Flash is drawing a lot of positive attention. As a result, the CW has decided to award it, along with other positively-welcomed newcomer Jane The Virgin, with three additional scripts. While we won’t truly know if the series succeeds until we see the ratings for the first several episodes, it’s good to see that the network has confidence in its programming, especially considering that ordering more scripts before a series airs isn’t that common.

Giving any type of order to new broadcast series several weeks before their debut is unusual and comes after both The Flash and Jane had delivered a couple of more episodes, with the CW executives said to be very pleased with that they have seen.

The Flash Banner

Currently, The Flash is still scheduled for 13 episodes, meaning that if these scripts are filmed, that will give us 16 episodes. Again, there’s no way to know right now how The Flash will do in the ratings, but with the positive critical reception it has received, along with its connection to its predecessor Arrow, there’s a good chance that it will earn that full-season order, which will probably bring the first season up to 23 episodes.

With all the work they’ve poured into this series, from special effects to creative talent, I can’t see the CW dropping The Flash after only 13 episodes. It’s too big of an investment for them, especially since it’s a crucial piece of the DC TV universe they’re building. Now, as we’ve learned from many a serialized series, just because a show gets a full-season order doesn’t mean it will earn a second season. I’ve been burned too many times in the past by this (FlashForward, No Ordinary Family, The Event, the list goes on), but I have a good feeling about The Flash. I won’t be…running away from this show! Okay, I’ll show myself out now.

SOURCE: Deadline