THE BEACH Set To Hit The Silver Screen

Alex Garland’s cult hit The Beach was adapted to film by Danny Boyle way back in 2000, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s set to return, this time as a TV adaptation produced by 20th Century Fox TV. It tells the tale of a group of backpackers traveling across Asia, searching for an uninhabited, unspoilt paradise for other wayward settlers, and the problems they have to overcome to belong there.

It’s being written by Andrew Miller, writer of CW’s The Secret Circle and explains

“It’s about a group of young people feeling disconnected and disenchanted from society who try to start over in paradise but discover that while creating the perfect world is hard, protecting it is even harder”

When asked about writing a script for the TV show, he was eager to give it as ago as a fan of both the book and film.

Source: Deadline