The Amazing Spider-Man Goes Limp At Theatres

Despite receiving mostly positive reviews from critics (netting 4/5 stars here at UTF), The Amazing Spider-Man has suffered a disappointing opening week at the box office.

Upon hearing this news, Sam Raimi (the director of Sony’s previous Spidey outings) sprouted a Schadenfreude induced erection.

With initial studio estimates claiming TASM would net close to $170 domestically over this holiday week, they’ve since lowered their expectations to more accurately reflect the film’s ticket returns, which have been resoundingly ‘meh’.

In the weekend alone, Spidey will only net around $65 million, a far cry from the huge openings of the Raimi trilogy.  Still, this flick is technically the best adaptation of the Wall Crawler out there, so fanboys need not be disappointed by this news.  We just have to go out there and support Sony’s shameless reboot!!! Fanboy team, assemble!!!!!!!!


SOURCE: Deadline