TEEN TITANS GO “Baby Hands” Review

Brother Blood returns in the latest Teen Titans Go! What kind if trouble does he cause this time?

Robin (Scott Menville) is tired of the other Titans not giving him any respect. They even call him “Baby Hands” now! Its disgraceful. But when Brother Blood (John DiMaggio) gives the other Titans amnesia, Robin realizes that he can use this to his advantage, and start from the beginning to get them to treat him like a leader!

Like with many Robin centered episode, the humor is found in Robin’s over-the-top nature, and people either like that, or find it wrecks the character. Personally, I think Robin is the funniest character on the show, in part thanks to Menville’s great acting, so I’m OK with it.

One of the best running gags is that Starfire (Hynden Walch) forgot how to speak English, so Robin speaks for her when talking with his now easily impressed teammates. He also concocts ridiculous origins for his teammates, but impressionable as they are, they believe him.

Teen Titans Go Baby Hands

However…for once, Robin maybe goes too far. He is arguably a bit despicable here, using his friend’s amnesia to his advantage, and he also uses Starfire’s ignorance of English to convince the others that they are a couple. Hmmm.

Veteran DiMaggio once again reprises his role of Brother Blood from the original Teen Titans series, and he does a really good job. He gets some of the best lines and scenes. I especially like the scene where he steals a bunch of mega weapons, and almost can’t decide which one to use!

Overall, a very funny, entertaining episode, even if Robin can be a jerk. But that is part of why the episode’s ending is so good. It’s quite the zinger, if there ever was one!

Teen Titans Go! Baby Hands

  • Robin is still very funny, good voice acting
  • Starfire running gag is good
  • Brother Blood makes for an entertaining villain
  • That ending! Burn!
  • Robin is kind of a jerk to his team
  • Dumb episode title