Stannis Wields a Lightsaber for Aragorn in Neat GAME OF THRONES Fan Video

WARNING: spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale yada yada yada.

It’s been a few weeks since Stannis’ total defeat at the hands of the Boltons in the Game of Thrones finale, after burning his daughter Shireen for R’hllor’s favour backfired and resulted in Selyse’s suicide and the desertion of Melisandre and half of his men. It was just depressing to watch a character like Stannis be ruined so quickly – and then finally being killed by Brienne.

Luckily, for me and the other book readers, Stannis isn’t dead! Well, yet. The situation in the North is completely different at the end of A Dance with Dragons, so much so that it would seem sleazy for Stannis to lose in such dramatic fashion like on the show. Of course, stranger things have happened. One particular fan took it upon themselves to make a video tying the fantasy TV series in with another massive fantasy franchise – Lord of the Rings – and of course, Star Wars, in order to see how the battle would have gone down had it taken place on the planet Middle Earth, a couple of thousand lightyears away from Yavin IV.

To be honest, if Stannis had had lightsabers then he certainly would have won and the North would be his. Instead we have to put up with another season of Bolton rule in the kingdom with Ramsay and his twenty good men. Yippee.

Even though I would take A Song of Ice and Fire over Lord of the Rings any day, I did get a little smile on my face when Aragon’s speech appeared and Stannis reacted to it. That scene was perhaps the most ‘Stannis’ thing the character had done for a few episodes. A huge cavalry is charging down at you? No, he wouldn’t run. Stannis Baratheon would charge back regardless and put up one last fight.

(via Winter is Coming)