Spoiler Alert- Thanos Steals Tricks From Star Wars and 2Pac?

Spoiler alert.  Spoiler alert.  If you are one of the people who like to know every single aspect of a movie before you sit down, I have a treat for you.  If not, discontinue reading immediately, and to ensure no spoilers infiltrate your mind- destroy your computer.

Vulture has revealed that the big, purple, mass-murderer Thanos will appear throughout the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy flick, and he will be super hologrammy.  Yup, he will appear in the first act and many other scenes in hologram form, just like 2Pac and Michael Jackson Even though dead celebrities are making holograms the coolest thing since sliced barbarians (bread is cool, but sliced barbarians are much cooler and older), holograms actually have been used by evil madmen since Palpatine made it hip waaaaaay back in Empire Strikes Back.

Thanos will also make a brief appearance in his normal, handsome, purple form in a scene featuring the equally good-looking Ronan the Accuser and Nebula.  And even when he is not on screen, characters will reference him throughout the movie- often and with respect (k, it’s more fear than respect.  Same difference).  Thanos, of course, plays a big part in many character’s back stories.   He is Gamora’s poppa and knows Batista’s entire family (he kinda killed them all).

Josh Brolin has been announced as the voice of Thanos, but who will play his hologram?  Joshie has previously been in such movies as Into the Blue and Gang in Blue.  Although I have never heard of either, he clearly knows how to go into blue stuff, but he has never played anything purple or holographic.

Oh, and Vulture also revealed the infinity stone in Guardians will be the power stone.  That means that we have no clue which stone appeared in Thor: The Dark WorldTruth be told, I don’t actually care what the stone it was- I want it.

thanos infinity guantlet