Someone Re-Cut ‘LOST’ in Chronological Order and It’s Kinda Amazing

Someone’s decided that LOST was too damn confusing with its various time jumps, flashbacks, and alternate universes, so they’ve re-cut it in proper chronological order. The very thought of that undertaking is enough to make even the bravest fanboy mad with editor’s rage, but thank sweet Smoke Monster Jesus that a random interwebber has sliced and diced, because it’s awesome.

… Aliens!

I was a diehard fan until the second season (I’m fickle, I know), but the barrage of nauseating, worrisome glares into the camera and musical playoffs that screamed “What will they get into next!” finally killed my love of the series. This new cut seems to recapture some of that first season magic sans J.J. Abrams trickery, which should be enough to warrant an honest hour of consideration.

Now, we don’t condone torrenting on UTF, but if you want to read more about this fan edit (and possibly see the download link… without clicking of course! because you’re above such wanton evil), then you’ll be able to find it all right here.