Shazam finally becomes…Shazam

If you’ve been a long time fan of DC’s Captain Marvel, then you’ve probably found yourself in the tricky situation of explaining this superhero to friends. For some reason, people just can’t wrap their head around the idea that Billy Batson and his alter ego aren’t actually called Shazam, which happens to be the comics name. And to take this confusion even farther, when you introduce these people to the notion of the Marvel Family, you’ll inevitably be confronted with the question… “So who’s Shazam?”

To confront this conundrum, DC has decided to reboot the entire history of Captain Marvel. In their first step, they’ve decided to rename the hero ‘Shazam’. A pretty bold move, if I may say so myself. Here’s what DC’s Geoff Johns had to say about it:

“Well, there are a lot of reasons for the change,” Johns said. “One is that everybody thinks he’s Shazam already, outside of comics. It’s also, for all sorts of reasons, calling him Shazam just made sense for us. And, you know, every comic book he’s in right now has Shazam on the cover.”

So what does this mean for the kind old wizard who gave Billy Batson his powers? I’m not quite sure, but I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to DC for more.