REYN #1 Review

What makes this new indie title so special? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Reyn is a freelance swordsman and monster hunter who also might be the last of the legendary “Wardens” of the land of Fate, whose ranks long since faded into myth. He’s haunted and driven by visions from a “guiding angel” who sets him on the path of a great quest— though Reyn’s hardly the errant knight-type. He’ll rescue and partner with the sorceress Seph, a member of a coven known as the Followers of Tek, hunted as heretics for their beliefs, but who may know what secrets Fate holds.

Reyn 1_Preview PageI had a feeling that this fresh series would tickle my fancy and sure enough with one issue in this fantasy yarn did just that. The creative team right from the start delivers a dense introduction that quickly gives way to an inviting series of sequences. In short: this a strange book with personality to boot.

Kel Symons introduces us to a world full of adventure with a script that understands what it wants to do. The main character seems stuck in his line of work but you can tell right off the bat that Reyn is still a classic hero. As our newly discovered Warden travels from town to town, we’re briefly introduced to terms and creatures therein. In the end for a first outing the author hit the right notes but I wanted a bit more detail from his text.

On the visual side we have illustrator Nate Stockman. The talent indeed lends some consistent pencil strokes while effortlessly building the basic art language that this franchise will no doubt rely on. From our monstrous villains to the populace the whole of the work came off sturdy and capable. There were a couple inconsistencies here and there but they’re quickly forgotten as the colors by Paul Little cover those minor hiccups rather convincingly.

Reyn #1 is a solid start that’s going to garner attention. It’s not perfect but it’s good fun as it does enough right to earn a recommendation from me.

  • + Study adventure.
  • + It's a fun fantasy yarn.
  • + Reyn is a compelling star.
  • - Not enough info on the world...

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