Well, looks like we are back for another series of Zombies. Is it really any good? Read on to find out.

Official Description:

“The zombie classic returns in an all new series from the same creative team that brought you the acclaimed War of the Dead. The lepers have been slaughtered, the people who escaped the breeder pits head for the safety of New Washington, and now the zombies are under the control of Donna, the half-human/half-zombie hybrid. With King Zombie dead, she leads the zombies. Or does she?”

Okay, I have to say that I had to do some research for this because I hadn’t read it predecessor but I did and I have to say that this DeadWorld-Restoration01-cv-copy-077cdisvery interesting and new to the zombie genre. ┬áThere is so much more to this comic then the usual zombie kill comic. There is different types of people, the zombies are much more intense, and there are hybrids. This comic really rewrites the genre and gives it a breath of fresh air which is nice since everything seems to be the same boring story. I really like this. The biggest thing I like about this comic is that it has a little intrigue that will keep you interested. I do have a problem with the fact that it seems to jump too quickly from one thing to the next.

The story is good, except for the thing that I was talking about with it jumping too quickly from one to the next. That aside, it does a great job of painting the world and giving us some information of what happened to the world to make it this bad. I would say that it is something that I am excited about reading in the future.

The artistry is very interesting. I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite style but for this comic it works.

Overall, I give it a four out of five.



My name is Eric. I live in Iowa. I am a writer, actor, director, and much more. I am, also, an LGBT activist.
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