Professor X Walks Again In DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Pic


“Lieutenant Dan! You got new legs. New legs! Magic legs.”

James McAvoy returns to the land of the mobile in the newest pic from DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. If you remember, the grand Professor X was crippled in the final scenes of the previous flick X-Men: First Class, when Magento deflected a bullet which accidentally found its home in Charles’s spine. The final shot of that movie shows a wheelchair bound Xavier wheeling around the grounds of his Westchester home.

Well, how does director Bryan Singer explain this bipedal pic?

professor x james mcavoy days future past

As a diehard comic book fan, Professor X’s mobility could easily be explained by any number of devices. He could have secured one of Beast’s holographic disguises, which project a faux form of the user. Or perhaps Xavier is simply projecting a mobile version of himself through his telepathic powers. He’s often utilized those super sweet techniques in films prior, so it wouldn’t exactly unbecoming in Days of Future Past.

But to be serious for one moment, can we talk about Xavier’s absolutely Heinous threads.  He looks like Hipster Gap vomited all over his body.  At least Hugh Jackman is there holding down the fort with his higher than normal jeans.

Although, that can of super sweet 70’s style Pringles is pretty nifty.