Potential Iron Man 3 Spoiler

I know it’s a bit early in the speculation game to make a fuss over spoilers (especially since Iron Man 3 is still a year away), but some recent news from the North Carolina set of this Shellhead Threequel has got me all riled up.

Our occasionally correct friends at The Playlist claim that Edgar Wright, the long fabled helmer of Marvel’s microscopic hero film Ant-Man, will direct the post credit scene for IM 3. Apparently, the House of Ideas will use this to introduce Hank Pym (or some other variation of the mighty shrinker) to their greater cinematic universe.

Again, it’s still really early to make wild accusations like this, but the folks at The Playlist seem somewhat confident, so I’m inclined to toss my lot in with them. Here’s a copy of their podcast dished this leak.

Chinese actor Andy Lau’s (who recently dropped out) role is apparently a “very different version of Radioactive Man in the comics.” And while he’s expected to pop up in future MCU films, he may appear in the post-credits scene. And that will involve him coming face-to-face with a version of Ant-Man.

Edgar Wright will possibly be shooting Iron Man 3’s post-credits scene essentially introducing Ant-Man. This may back of Wright stating he was hoping to shoot some of the movie this year.

So what do you think of this potential Iron Man 3 spoiler? Good news? Bad?
SOURCE: The Playlist (via CBM)