Postal #2 Review

Does this series do enough right to earn your attention? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The fragile peace of a town full of criminals is shattered by the discovery of a murdered woman. When Mark seeks answers about her death and the people that could be behind it, he discovers the darkest secret at the heart of the town, a secret that alters his past forever.

Postal 2_Preview PageWhat strikes me about this title happens to be its unique landscape. Through the literary labors of the text and the more then capable illustrative renditions we, as fans and audience members, get to see the questionable side of life from a new perspective. In short: the time is now and it’s not too late to give this book a look!

Bryan Hill and Matt Hawkins continue to trek along with Postal and after two issues I think it’s clear that the the duo knows exactly what they’re doing. What we have here is a town where the guilty live together under the guise of a last chance promise, but there’s trouble in their paradise. Our main character, Mark, continues to offer a unique perspective on the city, people and life in general as a civilization walking the line with chaos attempts to move beyond the fact that a body was found at the end of issue #1.

The visual work by Isaac Goodhart continued to evoke the strengths of the text. The cast and locations got the attention to detail they deserved, as the audience was treated to a controlled and consistent display. There were some occasions where faces seemed a bit inconsistent as their reactions came off over the top but these hiccups were few and far between. And when you add in the colors by Betsy Gonia there’s no denying the top quality nature of this comic.

Postal #2 impressed me by doing exactly what the second issue of a new franchise should: grow its world. So far I’m hooked and certainly ready to see where this mini-series goes from here, as this particular outing easily comes recommended.

  • + Had a strong script.
  • + The art syncs with the plot.
  • + Witness our Postman's world.
  • - Its ending came off rather abrupt...

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