Polygonal Aquaman is Badass

I love me some aquatic superheroes. I love them even more when they come in a million different pieces, just like my new fave, Polygonal Aquaman. Featuring enough many sided shapes to trigger a Trigonometris’s wet dream, this vigilante of the deep was created by Redditor PrettyBoy5. He cites his High School art classes for his mad skillz that killz, which is really strange, since I never moved past the “Macaroni Mother’s Day Card” phase of my art training.

I was in an accelerated course, though, so my Pasta Art talent was insane. World renowned. Recognize, kids!

In any case, check out Polygonal Aquaman below and make sure you harass PrettyBoy5 on Reddit for more of these amazing pics. As much as I dislike Batman hype, that flying vigilante would look pretty badass in one of these.

polygonal aquaman