Pied Piper Confirmed to Appear on THE FLASH!

CW’s The Flash is currently filming its eighth episode for the fall season, which is a two-part crossover event with fellow DC Comics series Arrow. With that news floating around, you’d think there would be no more new info on television’s new take on the Scarlet Speedster. Well, you’re wrong! According to TVLine, the Pied Piper is confirmed to appear on the show “at midseason,” which I’m guessing is after the superhero team-up between The Flash and (Green) Arrow.

The exact words from the TVLine article reads:

“In addition to the likes of Captains Cold and Boomerang, at midseason we will also meet Hartley, a onetime mentee of Dr. Wells’ who lost his hearing in an accident and now is out to wreak havoc with an invention of his own. (Of course, you may know Hartley — who happens to be gay — as the Pied Piper.)”  


Fans of The Flash already assumed that Piper would appear in the show — partly because of rumors that the series would have two “prominent gay characters” and because he’s a classic member of the Rogues, who are almost all confirmed to appear in the first season.

For those unaware, Pied Piper (aka Hartley Rathaway) was born deaf, but was eventually cured thanks to research funded by his wealthy father. His new hearing made him obsessed with sound, prompting him to become a genius with sonic technology. Rathaway eventually invented a technique of hypnotism through music, and a way to cause deadly vibrations. Growing bored of his lifestyle, he turned to crime and frequently clashed with Barry Allen. He would eventually become a vigilante and a good friend/sidekick of Barry’s successor as The Flash, Wally West.


Giving him a connection to Dr. Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs is an interesting step to take for the series. Since S.T.A.R. Labs already housed one soon-to-be supervillain (Dr. Light was mentioned in Arrow) and is a major story driver for The Flash, it seems like a good way to introduce him to new fans and explain where he could build his equipment if he uses his flute instead of having metahuman abilities like Weather Wizard seemed to have in the trailers. Something else worth mentioning is that in DC’s New 52, Piper is dating David Singh, who’s being played by Patrick Sabongui in the series. Does this mean that they could end up together at some point? We’ll have to wait and find out!


The Flash debuts on October 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Source: TVLine