PEAKY BLINDERS Series 2, Episode 4 Review

Following a rather slower paced episode, can the series return to it’s excellent form? Read on to find out.

The official description from BBC:

Tommy finds out exactly what mission Major Campbell is forcing him to undertake. Arthur spearheads a ferocious takeover of London’s Eden Club. Meanwhile, Polly’s son Michael is welcomed into the business and quickly experiences the dark side of the Peaky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders second series may be building to something much bigger than the first, but that doesn’t mean that everything’s been plain sailing. Despite the fact there’s still to be a bad episode, things did slow down a little too much during last weeks episode, with other small quibbles remaining fresh in my mind. This meant that I went into this weeks episode a little less excited as usual, only to be quickly reminded why this is one of the best programs on British television.

Peaky Blinders Series 2 Episode 4 (1)

As Tommy (Cillian Murphy) gets further involved in Major Campbell’s (Sam Neill) business, the London based Peaky Blinders lead by Arthur (Paul Anderson) start to make a move against Darby Santini (Noah Taylor). This exciting opening really grabbed my attention, with it as ever being rather bloody. Steven Knight‘s script also goes to work upon the relationship between Tommy and May Carleton (Charlotte Riley), with things escalating quickly. This however gives an extra edge to the episode, and along with Michael’s (Finn Cole) attempt to get more involved in Shelby business, and Santini and Alfie Solomons’ (Tom Hardy) having a meeting this gives a lot to think of leading into the penultimate episode. The music also returns to it’s former glory, giving great depth to the events within.

Peaky Blinders Series 2 Episode 4 (3)

I find myself saying the exact same thing with each and every episode, and that is the fact Cillian Murphy remains the standout performer amongst this great cast. Despite every other actor giving a fabulous performance, Murphy always embraces his leading role, giving that little bit extra. The actress that really surprised me in this episode was Charlotte Riley, as though I always thought she’d be great in the series, given the events I was surprised just how good she was. Despite remaining a supporting role, Tom Hardy also proves to be a great addition, working brilliantly off of Noah Taylor in this episode. The rest of the cast also give some memorable moments, with Finn Cole adding some youth to the series, and both Paul Anderson and Sam Neill giving more depth to their respective characters.

Peaky Blinders may still be taking a slightly slower stance, but the scope of the developments, along with the intensity of the action, and character depth makes it much more engaging. It also leads us nicely into the penultimate episode, giving us some intriguing moments. Highly recommended.

  • + Charlotte Riley is much better than I ever imagined she'd be.
  • + Cillian Murphy remains the standout performer.
  • + The music returns to it's former glory.
  • - Still a little slow at times.