Benedict Cumberbatch or Gary Oldman? Who would you choose to lead your cast in STAR WARS EPISODE 7? Tough decision, right?

Well, according to recent reports, it sounds like J.J. Abrams faced a similarly difficult decision, as he approached both actors for the same role. We first heard Cumberbatch was considered for a slot last year, but we had no idea it was the same one as Oldman.

cumberbatch oldman star wars episode 7

With that bit revealed, I think it’s safe to say that our lil’ Sherlock was in consideration for the villain. Of course, that seems only natural after watching his performance in Star Trek: Into Darkness and his even more menacing motion capture work in The Hobbit Trilogy, but we were never certain which side of the Force he’d veer. But since Oldman was considered for the same role, a role which would’ve undoubtedly been villainous since Abram’s already has an overcrowded cast of older protagonists with the Original Cast, Cumberbatch must’ve been sought for a Sith. Or Admiral Thrawn. Or any one of the innumerable Star Wars villains.

I not so secretly hope the villain is entirely original, never appearing in any of the Expanded Universe material. While Abrams and his Star Wars historians have promised an entirely original story for the New Trilogy, they’ve admitted that they’l utilize existing characters. Thrawn’s not so far fetched now, is he?

gary oldman star wars episode 7

The same source claims that Oldman and Cumberbatch are both involved in the project, though, so have the split the original role into two parts? What was once a single villain has now spawned into dos? Or perhaps Cumberbatch was originally offered the role, but upon his decline Abrams offered it to a receptive Oldman, and now Cumberbatch wants back in?

Whatever the case may be, we would be the luckiest fan base in the entire world to have either actor in the New Trilogy. While I’d love to see Oldman as the old, benevolent Jedi that I know he is, he’d animate an absolutely terrifying Star Wars villain. The same can be said for Benedict Cumberbatch. I suppose we’ll have to wait for STAR WARS EPISODE 7 to release before we know anything for sure, though.

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Source: MarketSaw